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Sumptuous Colors is a limited series of sensorial simulations to awaken your connection to the world around you. Whether uncharted territories of exploration, memory experiences triggered by experiential aromas or new imaginations combining color and scent. Sumptuous colors transport you.

Yuzu Chahai

If you find you gravitate toward more natural aromas while still enjoying premium fragrance combinations, then you are in for a treat with the Sumptuous Colors collection. For our Sumptuous Colors line we enlisted the aid of a master perfumer to help us create a collection of exceptional and rare fragrances, available only from aroma43.

Comes in a lime green frosted glass vessel. The larger 16 oz two wick candle comes with an agglomerated cork top, while the smaller 8.5 oz single wick candle comes open top.

16oz (454 gr.) - 5.9 inches (150mm) tall, and 3.9 inches (99mm) diameter

8 .5 oz (240gr) - 3.46 inches(88mm) tall, and 3.27 inches (83mm) diameter

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