About Us

Candles made the hard way, by hand, so you get the freshest, best scented, additive free candle possible. 
You love home fragrance and so do we. aroma43 was started to get back to the roots of hands on fragrance creation, artisan candle making, and other new artisan products that give great fragrance, and are responsible to the environment, both the Earth and the environment in your home. Our candles are made of 100% soy wax, all cotton wicks and essential oil based fragrances, no additional additives, phthalates, or unwanted chemicals, and everything we use is cruelty free and vegan. We like to use high levels of fragrance in our products for a great user experience, to accomplish this we hand pour our candles to have artisan control of the process rather than using automated machinery, or having another company make them for us. We also create our own proprietary processes to infuse high levels of fragrances into our products, using innovation in process and craftsmanship rather than chemicals to incorporate high levels of fragrance.

Just like you, we get inspired by discovering and creating new things, we like to get our hands dirty. We dig around in the garden, the woods, at the beach, and wherever we happen to be, looking for great new smells.

As part of our journey, we have been lucky enough to bring two rescue dogs into our lives who love to explore and hunt out new smells with us. They bring a great spirit of love into the workshop and act as the welcome wagon for visitors.

aroma43 is based on Fort Lauderdale, FL, and run from our workshop by a small and growing team, making handmade, beautifully scented candles and home fragrance products. The aroma43 brand is about passion more than mass production, it is about artisanship, it is about hands on crafting great products that you will love from the day you buy them, when you give them as a gift or for the months you use them. 

Connect with us online, give a call, or drop us a note. We would love to talk, share our passion, and make some new friends. 

Love, Smile & Smell

Cheers from Telmo & Eric at aroma43



aroma43 is a brand of White Bear Trading Co., LLC