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MAN Candles are a limited series of fragrances designed for men by men. Whether they are linked memory experiences triggered by experiential aromas or connected to manly ideals, these aromas are designed to satisfy the aromatic cravings of men. If you want to freshen your mans space with a fragrance he will enjoy and not blow out once you leave the room, you have found the right candle.

Bacon, bacon, bacon. This fragrance is pure bacon...smoky, mouthwatering bacon. It's simple, but perfect.

If you have a man in your life that needs a little freshening up, but he will blow out any candle you try to freshen his space with calling it fu fu, try these. He will love the aromas, you will love that it smells less like him.

Comes in a hand painted glass with MAN blocked out so you can see the flame as the candle melts. We pack these into cowhide printed bags, and they are shipped in a special eco friendly recycled direct shipper to make sure they get to you safely and environmentally responsibly. 


13.75 ounces (390 grams), 2.9 inch (73mm) diameter, and 5.2 inch (132mm) tall

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