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You will love all of these great, artisan crafted fragrances

Baltic Waters: The power of the ocean crashing on the rocks of the rugged coastline

Forest Apple: Let natures juices dance in your nose

Enchanted Bouquet:  She always had fresh picked flowers by the door to welcome all

River Moss: Lounging creekside listening to the water after a good rain

Beach Driftwood: The strength of wood with the allure of amber

Dark Woods: At night in the forest the air is spicy with natures aromas

Fruit Delight: The aromas of an amazing sangria without the hangover

Into The Woods: A night in a farm field, a warm blanket and some folk music bring strummed and sung

Coconut Water: Pure coconut water with the aromas that surround it in the wild

Sea Salt Caramel: Walking the fishing pier, sharing dessert, holding hands

Hawaiian Dream: Your dream escape starts right here

Rhubarb Flower: The nectar of the Earth blooming into your nose

Winter Fruits: Sweet, sugary, and just a little spicy to tantalize your senses

Tropical Guava: Your tropical vacation starts right here

Romantic Waterlily: Passion, sweet kisses, and just that little extra something makes your heart swoon

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