Your Fresh Mask

Your Fresh Mask was started to bring a new, safer, fresher way to store and carry your face mask with you. We have created a system including a barrier pouch, odor eliminator technology, and a scent pack. Available initially in 7 scents, we also include a disposable face mask for you to use right away. While we include one mask, you can use any mask in your new Fresh Mask pouch. Simple fold your mask up and slide it in, let it sit for a bit, then enjoy a fresher, more pleasant mask. Unlike sprays, when you use the Fresh Mask pouch, your mask is only picking up vapor, you're not soaking it with alcohol and other chemicals that you have to wash off, or throw away your mask after using. It's simply a fresher and smarter way to store your mask when it's not on your face.

Currently available in Mango, Cabana Breeze, Rainforest, Cactus Tea, Raspberry Cream, Vanilla Frosting and Berry Blast