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Your Fresh Mask Mango, for the mango lovers. Those of us who have peeled a mango know that sweet sticky smell that will stay in your hands for a while. With this Fragrance you get all that mango smell without the stickiness on your hands!

  • New, safer, fresher way to store and carry your face mask with you.
  • A system - including a barrier pouch, odor eliminator technology, and a scent pack.
  • You can use any mask in Your Fresh Mask pouch, though we provide one with the pouch.
  • Simple fold your mask up and slide it in, let it sit for a bit, then enjoy a fresher, more pleasant mask.
  • When using Your Fresh Mask pouch, the mask is only picking up vapor, you're not spraying it with alcohol and other chemicals that you have to wash off, or throw away your mask after using.
  • Simply a fresher and smarter way to store your mask when it's not on your face.

Order one today, or try our multipack to share with friends. Great for the office, schools, restaurants, bars, ride share, and anywhere else you want to make sure your mask is safe and protected and smells great. 

Great for when you are around others with mask breath, or in areas that don't smell so great...simply take your mask from Your Fresh Mask pouch and enjoy air that smells how you want it to smell!