Big Blue

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Big Blue is a tribute to the is massive, fresh and filled with some surprises. When making this candle, the bottom was decorated with shells and sea glass, which was then buried under 4000 ml's of hand poured 100% soy wax. This giant candle has 5 all cotton wicks, giving you an amazing light show when lit. Whether inside or outside, when lit this candle creates a fun and great smelling gathering space. If you choose not to light it, your will not be disappointed either as it has great cold throw and will bring it's wonderful aroma to your space when lit or unlit. Big Blue stands 8.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 11 inches, weighing in at a robust 18 pounds. The fragrance created for this candle is called Ocean - top notes of Rainbow Citrus, and Ocean Mist, mid notes of Bergamot Oil and Eucalyptus Leaf and bottom notes of Green Algae and Driftwood.