Odor Elimination Services

As well as being fragrance artisans we are odor elimination experts. This stems from our passion for scent, odor elimination technology, science, engineering, and a passion to be able to create great scents and when needed eliminate foul odors in the air in order to create a better smelling world.

Need help? Give us a call right away (954) 866-4343 we are scheduling appointments 

Immediate need? Selling a house or car and need an odor problem fixed? Request an emergency odor response when calling. We will work to dispatch the first available team. 


Some Questions We can Try to Answer for you Right Away

1) What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

We first like to do a phone consult to assess the problem. Following the phone consult we can schedule an on site visit to initiate treatment and resolve the odor problem.We use a two stage treatment process and find that we can resolve the majority of odor issues with our proprietary treatment process.

2) What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I have been in the scent delivery and odor elimination business for 30 years, working from an apprentice in my fathers business, to opening my own company. For the past 12 years I have developed products and systems for scent delivery and odor elimination for major brands and companies in the US. With aroma43 I am working to create a more back to the roots, service focused approach, shifting gears to one on one work from the large corporate work I have done for other companies, focusing on the best technology and service I am able to provide. We do not do clean up or carpets, this is not our specialty, we are focused on odor removal and eradication, focused on your specialized needs.

3) Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details.

While pricing can vary based on the size of the space needing treatment, or the quantity of treatments needed at one location. I have standard pricing by square footage for industrial and residential odor removal, as well as for automotive, RV, and boats.

For contiguous space in 1 location:
0-350 sq ft: $250
351-700 sq ft: $350
701-1050 sq ft: $450
*an additional $100 charged per additional space in 350 sq ft increments
**for multiple location, non contiguous space, or spaces with ceiling heights in excess of 15 ft please contact us for more specific quotes.

Cars: $145
Vans & Limousines: $165
Busses & RV's: $185
Boats up to 35': $165
Boats 35'-45': $185
Boats 45'-60': $205
Boats over 60' calculated by square footage

For cars, limousines, RV's and boats, there are discounts available for multiple vehicles at the same location.

4) How did you get started doing this type of work?

I began as an apprentice at the age of 14 in my fathers lab. After years working for his company I struck out on my own in 2002. Following success in developing products for other companies and managing large scale projects, I wanted to get back to hands on work, solving problems and bringing great processes and technology into the market. I started aroma43 for this purpose.

5) What types of customers have your worked with?

Over time I have worked with large brands such as Bath & Body Works, and Walt Disney World, and am comfortable working on large corporate project. We also work with companies such as National Marine in Fort Lauderdale to provide the top quality products and service that prestige yacht owners demand and expect. From large corporations to high end clients, to a homeowner or car owner proud of their home or car, we strive to give the same great technology and service across the boards.

6) Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

We were contacted by a classic car restorer regarding a new project they were taking on. The vehicle to be restored was an old pickup truck, I forget the year, but it was a classic Ford. The vehicle smelled of mold, cigarettes and a general funk that does not have a clear description. We brought our AE3000 unit on site and did a two phase treatment. In each phase of the treatment we closed up the vehicle with the air circulation system on for and the AE3000 system running for the first half hour. For this old car, we used a few micro fans to help with air flow as all systems were not working yet. Phase one was with N9 to kill off mold, bacteria and other contaminants that grew and festered over time. Phase two was running a patented odor eliminator. The owner chose our Blue Water odor eliminating scent for phase two. The total treatment time was about 2 and a half hours and we eliminated the foul odors leaving this beauty smelling great. As we did this prior to the full restoration, we returned for an additional treatment following the new paint to help get rid of the lingering newly painted chemical smell, leaving this beauty smelling and looking amazing.

7) What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Make sure that you are hiring a specialist. I think that applies to any field. I don't expect my decorator to install the new light fixtures that we pick out, I hire an electrician for that. Much as you don't want to leave your odor elimination needs to your carpet cleaner, detailer or general contractor. You need a specialist.

8) What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Try to describe and understand your odor problem as best you can. Is the odor from smoking? This may require wipe down of the room as well as a treatment. Is you odor problem from pets (particularly urine)? This could require carpet uplifting or removal to treat the floor boards underneath, NOT simple a carpet cleaning. In extreme cases the floorboards will also need replacing. Depending on the odor there could be additional steps needed such as removal, replacement, or additional cleaning and treatments. Be as clear as you can about your odor problem to help you and your provider avoid surprises.

What is their method of treatment. May companies depend on long term Ozone saturation, and while this can be an effective means of destroying odors, it can also be destructive when not done properly.