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Focusing on green ways to bring wonderful scents into your home and personal space has always been a passion of aroma43. This passion didn't change when working on a powerful new tabletop scent diffuser. The new Green Scent Diffuser is not only green in color, it is green in construction. Made from recycled plastics, and designed to allow the user versatility, our new Green Scent Diffuser delivers on great scent delivery, and does it in the greenest way possible!

  • Green in color and in reality
  • DRY scent diffuser, no mist, no water, just dry aroma
  • POWERFUL, delivering immediate robust fragrance at the push of a button
  • Made of recycled plastic, right down to the pad you drop oil on, which is made from recycled water bottles
  • Use our oils, or your oils, we believe in versatility
  • Auto shut off after two hours to save power
  • Use batteries or supplied USB power cord
  • Strong, immediate aroma once you push the button
  • Portable, great for home, RV, office, car, boat, hotel room, and more

Get your green on!!

Comes with 1 green scent diffuser, 2 scent pads, 1 USB power cord

Love, Smile & Smell.

Works best with aroma43 fragrance oils.