Eco Luxury Home Fragrance Gifts for Holiday 2020

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Eco Luxury Home Fragrance Gifts for Holiday 2020


Eco Luxury Home Fragrance Gifts for You & Your Friends & Family


Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 25, 2020

aroma43, the luxury artisan home fragrance brand featured on, and other retailers is honored to present two new products that will be your favorite gifts for friends, family, even for yourself this coming holiday season. aroma43 specializes in eco friendly and innovative home fragrance products, handcrafted with simple, but top quality materials, without the addition of unnecessary additives or chemicals, while giving you a robust and clean fragrance experience. The aroma43 Eco Luxury Redwood Forest Candle, and the Aroma Sphere are two unique products that will bring a smile to the face of those that receive them, and more smiles as they enjoy them for the months to come.

The Eco Luxury Redwood Forest Candle is a limited edition candle made using one of the most expensive, natural, refined and robust fragrances aroma43 has ever made. All aroma43 candles are made from the best available 100% soy wax, all cotton wicks, and essential oil based fragrance. The glass is a heavy bottom tumble that can be reused after enjoying the candle, the label on the glass is elegantly simple to honor the forests that inspired this fragrance. After being poured with love and cured for 24 hours, the candle is wrapped in fleece, that can also be used as a candle coaster, packed into a protective inner tray made of 99% recycled paper, and boxed for shipment with a card explaining the candle and the fragrance, including a fragrance pyramid to reference while enjoying the layers of this fragrance unfolding to your senses. This fragrance is an essence that celebrates old growth Redwood groves, it is a stunning blend of aromas featuring sparkling green citrus accords, colorful woods, earthy moss and sun warmed bark. This fragrance is a comforting, natural fit for the holidays and year round bringing nature and beauty into the home.

Eco Luxury Redwood Forest Candle

The Aroma Sphere from aroma43 is a unique product in the home fragrance market. Made using naturally fallen wood that is turned to an elegantly simple wood sphere, aroma43 infuses the sphere with high levels of essential oil based fragrance using a proprietary process. The result is a wood sphere, rested on a wire sculpted base that you can leave on your desk, in your powder room, or virtually any space and enjoy modern design and wonderful fragrance for months.

Aroma Sphere innovative new home fragrance product

For those wondering what to get the fragrance lover who seemingly has everything, this is it, and it is only available from aroma43. The Aroma Sphere is available in 15 signature fragrances from aroma43 so you can find the perfect scent for that perfect gift for someone else, or for yourself. The Aroma Sphere is shipped in a gift box with a card explaining the fragrance, including a fragrance pyramid, so you or those you gift the Aroma Sphere to can enjoy smelling the layers of the fragrance as they unfold.

The Eco Luxury Redwood Forest Candle is available for $49.50 and the Aroma Sphere is available for $43.00, and can be found on While the Eco Luxury Redwood Forest Candle is only available on the companies web site (, aroma43 products can be found at, as well.

aroma43 is an artisanal, luxury home fragrance brand focused on hand crafted and complex fragrances, delivered in innovative ways to give an amazing fragrance experience with the purest possible rendition of the aromas. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, aroma43 is producing hand poured 100% soy wax candles and other home fragrance products that are earth friendly, unique and delivery a great fragrance experience. Aroma43 products are available through,, other fine online and specialty retailers, and at Visit to see the full range of products, latest news, and new product releases. Love, Smile & Smell…give love, smile often, and always stop to smell the roses.