W.A.F.T The Most Powerful Fart Odor Eliminator In The Universe Ever Created

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W.A.F.T. is a beautifully simple piece of technology to clear the air of your treacherous tailwinds so your friends and family will spend time with you again.

After you float that air biscuit, just press the button. When the winds of crackatoa escape your muscly mounds, just press the button. Whether a ripper, a bubbler, or a butt trumpet, just press the button. If you push a little too hard and it gets juicy, no worries just press the button. Like a powerful anti fart wizard, W.A.F.T. will hunt down and destroy your tenacious toots, cleaning the air of your farts and leaving appealing, friend attracting fragrance behind. Works great to destroy odors from your tangy tush when you drop a deuce too. 

In this starter kit you will get one WAFT odor eliminating device, along with three odor eliminator pads. You will get one each of our three pleasant after scents that your WAFT will leave pleasantly freshening your air, they are Fresh Linen, Citrus Fresh, and Amber & Orchid. Our WAFT device is in a great looking translucent purple color.