Sea Salt Caramel Pre Scented Reeds

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Sea Salt Caramel

Walking on the fishing pier, sharing dessert, holding hands. You senses will tingle with the aromas of condensed milk, whipped cream and candied strawberry as they mix with sweet brown sugar, luscious warm butter and invigorating sea salt.

Unlike other reeds on the market that are made from paper composites and structures, ours are not, we use specially selected naturally fallen wood to create our reeds. Like our aroma spheres and our aroma rings, rather than depending on chemicals, we have created a proprietary physical process to infuse the highest levels of fragrance possible into our reeds.

If you prefer, you can also use them in a vase you already have giving you even more versatility. Our reeds are infused with our essential oil based fragrances, so there is no mess of oil to deal with. Just put them out and enjoy them.

Just as with our signature candle line, the aroma43 signature line of reeds are made with the same complex, beautiful, deep, and inspiring fragrances you find in our signature candles. You will be struck by a gorgeous fragrance once you smell them, only then to be pulled in by the aromas unfolding in your nose as you enjoy the fragrance more and more. Like a fine wine, or a great perfume, your senses enjoy the beauty of the aroma43 fragrances in layers with delightful complexities.

Not sure which fragrance you will love the most? Another wonderful element of our aroma reeds is that you can blend more than one scent to create your own unique aroma. Also try mixing them in with your flower arrangements, whether real or artificial, to give a great scent of your choice to your floral decor.

Traditional Size Reeds - Provided with vase, and two packs of 6 reeds.

Jumbo Reeds - Provided with vase, and 4 jumbo reeds