Enchanted Bouquet Aroma Sphere

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Enchanted Bouquet

She always had fresh picked flowers by the door to welcome all. Light like a brisk spring morning, jasmine blooms fall delicately on magical rose notes. Pungent lemongrass gives this fragrance a spellbinding kick layered on a bed of deep sandalwood.

Our aroma sphere is unique to aroma43, created and made in our Fort Lauderdale workshop using a unique process that preserves the purity of our essential oil fragrances as we infuse them at high levels into our wood spheres.  Our aroma sphere rests on a beautiful metal base, giving you a way to enjoy this great fragrance in its purest, most concentrated form in a true object d'art. Simply put the specially crafted wood sphere, infused with pure essential oil fragrance, on the turned aluminum base, and enjoy the beautiful aroma releasing into your room.

Love, Smile and Smell.