Redwood Forest Eco Luxury Candle

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Redwood Forest Eco Luxury Candle

Our New Redwood Forest Eco Luxury Candle will be your new favorite candle. We have developed an amazing new fragrance that is no doubt the most expensive fragrance formulation we have created to date, but that's the price of loading up a candle with high levels of top quality natural ingredients.

Our Redwood Forest fragrance is an essence that celebrates old growth Redwood groves. It is a stunning blend of aromas featuring sparkling green citrus accords, colorful woods, earthy moss and sun warmed bark. This will be your new favorite fragrance for the holidays and year round.

We believe in quality and simplicity and have created this premium candle using only 100% soy wax, all cotton wicks, and essential oil based fragrance. We have packaged this candle in a reusable heavy bottom glass tumbler that you can continue to use after enjoying your candle. This candle comes wrapped in a protective fleece print fabric that you can use as a candle coaster, and continue to use after done enjoying your candle. The fleece wrapped candle is nestled in a protective inner carton made of 99% recycled paper and this is shipped in a partially recycled corrugated box. The paper and board packaging is all recyclable, so please recycle it. 

This candle is being offered for $49.50 and we can either send to you or to the person you would like to give the gift of a wonderful candle to.