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We just had a great review of our aroma reeds by Fragrance Obsessed blog. Love when the folks that love home fragrance love what were doing. We're an indie brand trying to bring great new products to the market. You're going to love them as much as Sunnee Beebee does. Check our her blog post here


Aroma Reeds by Aroma43 and a GIVEAWAY!

Several weeks ago I received a nice email from the owner of a company called Aroma43 inviting me to try their recycled paper aroma reeds. 
At first I was skeptical and questioned the possibility of a quality scented product. I wasn't sure how durable reeds could be made from recycled paper. What moved me to respond to the email was my love of companies that think of creative ways to make products that are sustainable.
I never make promises to feature complimentary products that I receive but for Aroma43 I am gladly sharing how impressed I am with their reeds. All of my initial doubts were quickly dismissed.
First, the packaging (that they make themselves) is classy, clean and professional. 
In addition to the two packets of aroma reeds in the box, I received two additional reed refills in the scents Beach Driftwood and Tropical Guava.

I was fully expecting a vial of scented oil to place the reeds into but was surprised when I discovered this cute little reed holder. A bit of an AHA moment occurred when I realized that each reed was scented as opposed to the reed being a medium to soak up the oil.
I love it!
I use reed diffusers all the time. I love them for my powder room and my other bathrooms. They're also great in my walk in closet and exercise room. I've never used a scented reed before though. 

After I took the pictures for this post, I had to leave the house for a few hours so I left the reeds in the dining room temporarily. When I returned I forgot that they were there but could smell Beach Driftwood almost as soon as I stepped into my entryway. The scent, right out of the bag, was strong and far reaching.

I can't say how long the aroma reeds will remain strong because I've only had them for a week but they have been putting out a steady scent since finding their new home in our downstairs powder room. 
Here's the fun part!
Because Aroma43 was kind enough to send me a
complimentary sampler, I would love to gift
a starter set to you! The kind owners have 
graciously agreed to ship straight to you
from their headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale. 
All you need to do is leave me a comment
letting me know you're interested!
US shipping only please.

I will choose a winner via random.org on August 1. 
You can read more about Aroma43 HERE! 
They have a Facebook page located HERE!
I'm headed off to Hawaii for the next 10 days! Lots of vacation photos to come :)
Products in today's post were sent to me free of charge. There was no obligation or expectation to feature this product in a favorable way. 

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